We boldly support the Patriotic American who loves our country and courageously lives a life of purpose and passion.


Our Founding Fathers paid a price for our freedom and dared to be Defenders of The Republic.


Principled, virtuous, and selfless leaders who love our country and fight to preserve the American way of life.


You are Liberty's Defender. Rep Your Heritage.

Newest Video - Liberty Dispatch #4 - What do you believe? Chat with Chris Harris (Executive Director of Unhyphenated America)

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The Defender Gear Liberty Dispatches were created for those real patriots who support America and the Constitution. These educational videos are for Defender Gear Brand Ambassadors to be able to learn about American values, liberties, and the history behind our way of life.

In each Video, I will touch on a different subject and I recommend that you share it out with your friends and family and educate as many people as possible. 

So take a few minutes and watch today's Liberty Dispatch! Make sure you share this information out with your friends and family because the more we know and the more we educate the current and next generation, the better chance we have of preserving our constitution, our freedom, our rights, and our liberty.

- Joe Markiewicz, Founder and Owner of Defender Gear