Saving Democracy - What is the objective?

Saving Democracy - What is the objective?

Since the fall of 2023, members of the left have been using the term “Threats to Democracy”. Over the past few posts we have been addressing, debunking, and educating whoever will read in order to understand what is really happening.

The bottom line is that the liberal agenda is to mislead a gullible American citizen into believing things about our government and the intent of the Founders that simply is not true.

Our system of government is defined as a Constitutional Republic where our representatives are elected democratically by the people. Certain political leaders today are in error when they try to convince the American citizens that America is a Democracy. A true democracy is full majority rule by the people, which results in chaos, factions, fascism, and a full destruction of our country.

The people in power who want this form of government are using all means necessary to convince the populace that anyone who opposes this notion of democracy is a dangerous threat.

What is wild is that even members of their liberal political party who oppose these ideals are getting removed and forced to join other parties. Don’t believe me? Check out what they did to Robert Kennedy Jr?!

One would think that a member of one of the greatest political families in American history would get a pass. Nope.

Knowing this, the next question is “What is the Objective?”

Why would someone want majority rule?

The answer simply is what is has always been throughout the history of time – POWER. In other words, the objective is a ONE-PARTY STATE.

When that is achieved, there is no opposition. Think of dictatorships and factions. Authoritarian governments all rely on a single source of power to stay in power. The greater the power of government automatically diminishes the rights and individual liberty of the citizens.

Does this seem un-American to you? It does because it is. Think about it, America was not founded on a single anything. It was 56 delegates that argued endlessly to write the Declaration of Independence.

When the United States won its independence from England it was 39 delegates that wrote and signed the Constitution after 116 days of brutal debate. Our country is founded on opinions, views, beliefs, and intelligently spirited debates. Nowhere was there ever a desire to have a uniform, single party rule. Our Founders were well-aware of the dangers of majority rule found in pure democracies and they embedded permanent checks and balances in our republican form of government to protect the individual rights of its citizens.

Economically, America was founded on the ideals of capitalism where everyone had a shot at winning. The term “American Dream” was coined in 1931 in James Truslow Adams’ best-selling book Epic of America. In it he defined the American Dream as, “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.”

Capitalism is the engine that drives America. The free market economy is the reason why prosperity and the quality of life in America are superior to any other.

If you listen too much to the liberal agenda, you can hear stories of how small business owners cannot make it because our system is broken. However, if you actually talk to someone who immigrated to the United States, became a citizen, and started a business, you will hear a very different narrative as they feel so fortunate to get to run their business without governmental control or interference.

Furthermore, when you look at Fortune 500 companies, 224 or 44.8% of them were founded by “New Americans,” which are defined as immigrants or the children of immigrants.

Having a land where there is no opportunity because the majority decides whether or not you get one is not a dream. It is a nightmare. A full democracy, as a single party state, does not promote capitalism. It is instead the weapon of control. It is a system where the government picks the winners and losers.

Personal sacrifice, work ethic, ingenuity and achievement are no longer rewarded or seen as virtuous. That kind of control and intervention would usher in an America that is only present in poor, broken and dark nations.

Within this framework, it is our own government that ensures that monopolies do not rule our economic landscape. If there is even an inkling of a monopoly beginning to form, the SEC gets involved.

Think about the U.S. Postal Service. That is the perfect place for a monopoly. It is our own government’s mail and shipping organization. That would be the easiest place to have a monopoly, but that is not how things work. We have UPS and FedEX that challenge them. Therefore even our own government are supporters of free enterprise, competition, and capitalism.

Do you see it yet? A single party state is the most anti-American, dangerous, and insane direction to want to take our great country. But to do it under the guise of democracy being threatened is pure evil.

DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! It continues to be election primary season. Support candidates that are proponents of the America our Founders worked hard to birth. If you can’t tell if they are or not then do some digging. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that our votes count.


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