Have you ever bought a dog? I have.

If you have kids, it’s a pretty major purchase. The first step is always deciding what type of dog you want. Size, color, shape, temperament are all important factors. After deciding on the type of dog you want, most people look at
breeding and have to decide between purebred and mixed breed dogs. If you want a purebred dog, you have to be ready for some challenges. Purebred dogs have more health problems and a shorter lifespan.

“A UC Davis study found, for example, that purebred dogs tend to have higher rates of genetic mutations and inherited diseases.” The issue is that without enough diversity in the DNA, it leaves a purebred dog open to issues.

Diversity is scientifically better and healthier.
We are in our series on “Saving Democracy” and I want to take a minute to talk about why diversity is important. I believe we are better together than living in isolation. Our country was built on multiple points of view, races, colors, and creeds.

We have been called a melting pot, where all of our diversity gets melted and then mixed together to form the most beautiful menagerie ever created. We are not a purebred society that thinks and believes only one thing.

Can you imagine how boring that would be?
What if you ate the exact same thing every day for the rest of your life?

God created us with a sense of taste to enjoy the diversity of foods we have available for us today. Variety is the spice of life.
Most people who only believe one thing and don’t value diversity are normally
characterized as uptight, ignorant, or short-sighted.

It is the diversity of thought that keeps us strong to learn to build solid arguments BUT respect the person on the other end because they have valid thoughts too.

If you think back over the major military conflicts, do you think that every person who fought had the exact same beliefs? No way!

Democrats fought alongside republicans who fought alongside libertarians, who fought next to independents. There is a way to take diversity and form it into something truly breathtaking.

What is threatening us today is the thought that we are a total democracy and a one-party state is what is required for the future. The people behind this ugly one-party state faction are starting to use attack vectors to drive their agenda. The main one is to eliminate political opposition and voices.

Basically, they want to make it illegal to have a different point of view. If these people can censor or cancel the other side of the argument, then they are winning. Some have even taken the opposition to court to twist laws in order to make it a crime to speak up against whoever is in power.

Liberal district attorneys in states who share their agendas only propagate this abuse. Those in power want to stay in power – period.

Diversity of thought, which is what our country was founded on is threatening. Our entire political process encourages spirited debate and congressional diversity, and to go against that is actually anti-American.

I encourage you to embrace the diversity of our great nation. Speak up, have a well-thought out argument, respect those who are different than you and keep moving forward.

Diversity is good!

If we give up and cave to this notion of singular uniformity of thought, what’s the alternative? Eating the same cheese pizza every day for the rest of your life. No thanks.


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