Saving Democracy? - The Government is God

Saving Democracy? - The Government is God

As we continue to discuss this idea of “Saving Democracy?” we find ourselves staring directly into the face of a tricky move by the left to influence our ability to speak freely about the truth.

The radical left has a clear agenda to mock, demonize, and downright discourage any thought or idea that flies in the face of their desire to bamboozle Americans into believing that our government grants us our freedom and liberty.

The issue is that they are forgetting a key piece to the puzzle of these American building blocks.

As humans we must answer to a higher power (God) for our thoughts, words, and actions. This divine accountability is real and humanity will have its day in front of our Creator to provide an answer as to how we did. This is not new. Our Founders believed the same thing. We must hold ourselves to a standard of morality and then live what we believe.

Our first President, George Washington in his farewell address warned American citizens not to think we can ever believe that we can have a free country apart from religion and morality. It is just not possible.

The left wants to flip the script and use shame as a weapon. Noted shame expert Brene Brown says, “Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” The liberal agenda aims to isolate people so that they feel like they do not belong.

The goal is to shame people into thinking that the government gives us rights and freedom. Those of us who believe in a merciful God are made to seem irrelevant. The push is for those with a deep, moral, and spiritual foundation that guides conduct to be viewed as radical and our mouths must be kept shut.

Today we have people like Harrison Butker who shared his Catholic beliefs at a Catholic commencement only to find stiff push back from the “rage brigade”. Groups of people spoke out and started cancelling him over multiple media outlets. All he was doing was exercising his First Amendment rights, which allow him the same freedom of speech you and I have. He wasn’t sharing lewd or crude subject matter. It was his own conservative guardrails.

This insurgent leftist movement wants to beat anyone up who voices their religious beliefs and equate them with extremist movements around the world like those of the Taliban or radical Islam. How can you even begin to compare Christian beliefs with radical Islam?

Here is the big issue. According to the liberal agenda, if we are no longer accountable to God and the government gives us our rights and answers to no one, then there is no higher power. The god of our society becomes the government.

Patriots, we cannot allow this to happen. Depending on the government to define morality and right living is equivalent to walking down the gang plank to the death of America. The sharks are circling in the water. Speak your mind. Share your value system. Do not succumb to bullying. Our voices must be heard and we all must take the same stand our Founders did in making the ultimate sacrifice for God-ordained freedom.


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