Saving Democracy - Liberty VS Democracy

Saving Democracy - Liberty VS Democracy

As we consider the true nature of a purely democratic government, it must be fully understood that majority rule mimics the voting your teacher had you do in elementary school. “What does that mean?” you ask?

Did you ever have a teacher in elementary school who let your class make a decision by having a vote? I know I did. We all had to raise our hands. The kids with influence would look around to make sure they got the decision they wanted. Sure, there were some brave souls who voted against “the majority” but they never won.

As we saw in the last blog, democracy literally means power to the people. The issue is that it is ungoverned. The difference between what you experienced in school was that a teacher was overseeing the vote and would ensure it would not get out of hand. They had a standard and guidelines to follow. In a purely democratic government, the majority can literally control everything and chart their own course into the future. Think of Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Sadaam Husein, Kim Jong Un, and others because they ruled through a full democracy. All you have to do is get the majority on your side through all means necessary and the rest is history.

Liberty however is different.

Liberty defined simply as the state of being free. In a democratic government, you can vote but the majority can decide to take away your freedom. Dirty elections are routine, and the majority will rig it so that their candidate always wins. Factions and fascism are commonplace.

If democratic governments are so bad, why do we hear politicians use the word “democracy” so often when they speak of the United States government?

The answer is simple, they want to confuse our citizens into believing that we already are democratic and that we should protect that democracy at all costs. These wolves in sheep’s’ clothing want to be viewed as “Saviors of Democracy”. Anyone who has opinions contrary to theirs are threats and must be removed. The population is convinced that the peoples’ motives who oppose the democratic majority are dangerous.

Sound familiar? Do you see the problem?

Randall Holcombe wrote a book called "Liberty in Peril: Democracy and Power in American History" In it he provides this warning regarding having too much democracy in government,

“The greater the allowable scope of democracy in government the greater the threat to liberty. In particular, the ascendancy of the concept of democracy threatens the survival of the free market economy.”

The Founders believed in a carefully measured dose of democracy, but the focus for the government was to protect individual liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were God-given, God-ordained, and God-created rights for every person. Those rights had to be preserved and protected at all costs.

Therefore, when it comes to democracy, an overabundance is catastrophic and could cripple the America we know and love.

I want to encourage the wise Defender Gear Patriots to share these Sons of Liberty blogs and the Liberty Dispatch videos to get the word out. We must educate everyone we know so that the liberal left is stopped and the America we know, and love thrives again.


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