Government Doesn't Create Anything

Government Doesn't Create Anything

This time of year all the holiday movies come back into rotation. A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Elf, Die Hard (is it a Christmas movie?), and Home Alone. Recently I saw an interesting stat based on Home Alone. It said, 

“In 1990, 8-year-old Kevin McAllister was left home alone. He went to the grocery store and purchased the following items: a half-gallon of milk, a half-gallon of orange juice, a TV dinner, bread, frozen mac and cheese, laundry detergent, cling wrap, toilet paper, a pack of army men, and dryer sheets. 

The cost? $19.83

In 2022, those same items would cost, on average $44.40. 

Today, a mere one year later, the cost would be $72.28! That’s an increase of $27.88 IN. ONE. YEAR.”

Do you see a problem here? Our costs are skyrocketing on every single thing we buy – it’s simple inflation.

Our politicians have crafted a path into high inflation with costs that cripple our population without solid answers or solutions. 

The United States is not the only country struggling with this issue. The long time liberal led country of Argentina has been a dumpster fire of massive proportions. Their annual inflation rate hit 161% in November!!!! You can imagine how this has impacted the citizens. 

The poverty rate is now at 40.1% compared to the United States of only 12.4%. 

On December 10, 2023 Argentina inaugurated a new leader – Javier Milei. He is being heralded by liberal media outlets as the next Donald Trump because he is focused on removing the liberal establishment, central bank, and all things wreaking havoc on the Argentinian people. In fact, liberal professor Federico Finchelstein in his article “Javier Milei Is the World’s Latest Wannabe Fascist” calls him just that….a wannabe fascist and compares him to Donald Trump, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. 

Help me understand something. Why is working to free a people from oppressive policies and politics that are destroying their way of life viewed as fascism? It’s as if the only option is BIG GOVERNMENT that makes empty promises to “take care of people” while silencing their voice and pushing them into poverty. 

Our Founders believed in small government where the people had a LOUD voice and the government was not solely responsible to care of its citizens. Instead the people rose up and took care of themselves in a responsible way. 

President Javier Milei said it like this, “The state does not create wealth, the state destroys it. The state can give you nothing, because it produces nothing.” 

Javier Milei and wife in Argentina

The people of Argentina rose up and regained their voices. They wanted to be free again. They wanted a chance at having a life where they don’t stand in lines for food and wonder what tomorrow will bring. 

“He is a unique product of Argentina, where an entire generation has grown up under an economy in a semi-permanent state of crisis.”

Does he sound like the other leaders in his country? No. Does he look like them? Not even close. 

“Milei’s detractors point to his lack of experience in political office, his disheveled appearance – with hair that could be best described as unkempt EMO – and his expletive-ridden tirades that have targeted political rivals and the pope. 

‘If Javier combed his hair neatly, if Javier didn’t get angry, would people ever have invited him to speak?’ Diana Mondino, an economist on Milei’s team told Reuters.”

President Milei went to drastic measures during his campaign like “wielding a chainsaw as a not-so-subtle symbol of the fiscal adjustments he planned to apply” to help the people of his country understand he was going to do all he could to uproot and unseat the liberal policies that pinned them down. 

“In terms of political logic, I am a mistake, because what I have come to do is in fact stamp out the privileges of politicians.”

Does any of this sound familiar? 

At the same time, former President Donald Trump is leading in many polls for the 2024 election as people still want CHANGE. However the US courts have now become the instruments of attack (both by the Democrats and establishment Republicans) to keep Trump out of office. 

You may be asking, “How in the world is Trump leading AGAIN???” It’s the same question liberals asked this year in Argentina regarding President Milei. 

Do you see it? We are standing on the precipice of a major Great Awakening. The signs are there. Our people want a voice. They want change. 

Does it seem extreme? Yes! Of course it is!!!! Do you know how wild it was for a bunch of passionate patriots to dump 92,000lbs or 340 chests of tea into the Boston harbor, which in today’s economy was $1.7mm!? It was EXTREME and sent a major message. 

The words still ring true – WE THE PEOPLE. We want the same thing the people of Argentina wanted – a voice. A chance to trade in being controlled by a big, chubby, gas-lighting government for the opportunity to live in a nation where our voices are valued, powerful, and can carve out a future for us, our children and grandchildren. 

We will not stop pursuing what our founders created. President Lincoln said it best in his famous Gettysburg Address –

“…this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


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