Gender Neutrality

Gender Neutrality

What do you think of when you read the words “Fireman” or “Policeman”?

It’s not a trick question.

You think of a person who fights a fire or someone who  protects citizens by enforcing laws. Whether you are a fireman or policeman, you save lives. It does not stop brave men and women from doing their jobs if there is a gender label or masculine generic like “he” is used to describe them. 

Apparently gender is the problem with those titles. Like so many other things, there are people trying to erase gender from our national consciousness and replace it with a different term like “Firefighter.”

Why? Why do we have to replace terms in order to strip out gender completely? 

Some of our political leaders are driving this crazy agenda. House Democrats are introducing a gender-neutral law bill that attempts to create what they call “gender blindness” and eradicate all gender descriptions in an attempt to neuter our culture in the name of fairness. 

Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts., Pennsylvania Rep. Summer Lee, and Rep. Robert Garcia, a gay California congressman, announced the Equality in Our Laws Act. The bill would enshrine gender equity in the U.S. legal code by replacing masculine generics with gender-neutral language.” 

Help me understand what appropriate masculine descriptions harm? The reality is that men are already attacked in today’s culture on a regular basis. Whether it’s movies, tv shows, or music, today’s acceptable male is clueless, lazy, and ignorant. 

The reality is that our genders were defined by God who created us.

Why are we so afraid of leaning into them and claiming them, whether they be feminine or masculine?

Are people really being held back because a law calls a person a “he” if they are a woman? 

Just read social media. Our culture is so easily offended that it seems like there are days that people are trying to find offense in anything and everything. 

This comes back to an attempt to rob our citizens of who they were created to be. I would rather see our legislature spend time on ways to be more fiscally responsible, super charge the economy, pour into our citizens reducing prison population, better educate our children, or strengthen our military and our borders. Those are all major issues that our country faces.

An issue we do not face is whether to call someone a fireman or a firefighter. Is it a problem that we call the Secretary of Defense, in legal documents, a “he” or just “Secretary”? 

What is crazy in all of this is that people started ADDING generics to their email signatures like “he/him”.

So I want to make sure I understand this. We want people to add those so that it is more accurate and inclusive but at the same time we want to remove them from our laws?

Right. Great idea. 

Our Founders would roll over in their graves if knew the courts that they helped establish and the laws they helped write now need to change because someone wants to be called something different. 

I have an idea, how about we worry about labels like Patriot, Statesman (should we change that too?), and American.

Let’s stand up together and stop this movement from permanently harming our country. 

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