Dissolving What it Means to be an American Citizen

Dissolving What it Means to be an American Citizen

Immigration has been a hot topic the last decade. President Trump chose to control the traffic on the southern border by building a wall. President Biden put an end to the wall on his first day in office. 

Thousands of illegal immigrants come through the US-Mexican border every day. The total is now into the millions. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is trying to get a better handle on things. Fox News recently reported some leaked graphics of an ICE ID card saying, 

“Migrants who arrive at the border illegally and are not removed but instead released into the interior are often given a number of documents depending on their situation. The images show a card with room for a photograph, a QR code and identifying information and security details, as well as the ICE logo in the top left corner.”

"The ICE secure docket card concept is a pilot program that would modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens," an ICE spokesperson said in a statement Thursday. "While the specifics of the program are under development, it is important to note the secure card will not be an official form of federal identification. The secure card will indicate it is for use by DHS agencies and would be provided only after national security background checks have been performed."

This makes sense doesn’t it? Now we can ensure more security over documents with a single card vs. a stack of paper. I get it.

Not so fast! There are many in our country that are seeing right through this as the current administration’s baby step forward toward more illegal immigration.

The next step is a state issued ID, like your driver’s license. Today the country is split when it comes to offering driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants. Some states see it as necessary and others don’t.

Florida is a state that does NOT provide drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The Florida government’s website released this news from their staff,  

“Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis signed SB 1718, the strongest anti-illegal immigration legislation in the country. Among other provisions to combat Biden’s Border Crisis, the bill prohibits the issuance of a driver license to anyone who does not provide proof of lawful presence in the U.S. and specifies that out-of-state driver licenses issued exclusively to illegal aliens are invalid in Florida. Those presenting an invalid out-of-state driver license during a traffic stop will be subject to the penalties outlined in Section 322.03 Florida Statutes.”

We will see if the other states combat this underhanded move like Florida has. 

Once you get a driver’s license the next step is getting registered to vote because you now have the all-important state issued ID. It’s the next logical step in the chain. In fact, the governor of Pennsylvania recently drove through state legislation the ability to automatically register everyone who gets a driver’s license. 

Rollcall.com reported that, “Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson said he was supportive of more people getting registered to vote, but noted that automatic registration when getting a license can in some cases complicate matters for noncitizens to eventually earn citizenship.

He noted one case in which a constituent was signed up to vote when she got her license, and it “almost wrecked” her ability to become a naturalized citizen.

‘I really question the wisdom of pushing this. I’m always encouraging people to register to vote because I think it’s a right and responsibility, but there’s going to be issues,’ he said. ‘I think that we’re better off looking at how do we maintain the integrity of that.’

‘If you want to increase the likelihood of fraud, multiple or duplicate registrations, and participation of ineligible voters — such as non-citizens and illegal aliens, temporary residents, and convicted felons — look no further than the process of dumping government data onto the voter rolls,’ the group’s chairman, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, said in a statement.”

The bottom line is that we need to be careful as illegal aliens could get registered to vote if the process is not closely monitored.  

In 1996, the U.S. Congress passed a law prohibiting noncitizens from voting in federal elections including the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and presidential elections. 

“(a) It shall be unlawful for any alien to vote in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner…”

When people in the U.S. register to vote, they confirm under penalty of perjury that they are U.S. citizens. Several states also verify that registration against federal and state databases.

In June 2023, three states made it LEGAL for illegal aliens to vote in local elections – California, Maryland, and Vermont. It makes you wonder if more states are to follow their example? If we end up removing the need to be a citizen to vote, then what are we? Does Citizenship even matter? 

We live in a time where there is an active regime working tirelessly to dissolve what it means to be an American Citizen. 

I have friends who have become official, legal U.S. Citizens. It’s a process and creates a significant amount of pride as they learn about our country. People take care of things when they have invested of themselves. Give someone a house and then compare that to a person who worked, saved, budgeted and sacrificed to get theirs. Who will take better care of it? 

One of my friends became a citizen this year and he came over from Ethiopia. He has said many times that our citizens don’t know what we have and how amazing our country really is. 

Our citizens have rights that have been divinely defined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Don’t misunderstand me. I would LOVE to continue to welcome people into the United States as long as they follow the lawful path to become a citizen. I do not condone breaking the law in order to live in the United States on a free ride. 

Leaving the fate of our country to illegal aliens is the same as welcoming social media terrorists into our elections. 

Patriots, I encourage each of you to research your states, understand the stance that’s being taken toward illegal aliens and fight for lawful immigration. It is our duty to do so. 


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