Challenging Gender Ideology: The Impact on American Values, Freedom, and Family Structure

Challenging Gender Ideology: The Impact on American Values, Freedom, and Family Structure

Today we have a complete mix-up when it comes to gender – you can be whatever you want to be

American companies, public school systems, and our own Federal Government are forcing this insane and evil gender ideology upon our families and the carnage is our children. Bud Light decided to promote the transgender movement and paid a pretty penny, which ended up hurting the hard-working beer distributors more than anyone else and those distributors did not even have a choice regarding the controversial ad campaign. 

Bud Light sales dipped 24.6% and it has now cost them the top spot in the US Beer market. Americans across the country refused to support the cocktail of confusion and propaganda that Bud Light was serving. 

The reaction by Bud Light’s buyers shows that there is a majority who is tired of the ongoing reveal of “gender” after “gender” where many just decide to choose against what their Creator envisioned them to be when He designed them.

The American consumer is just tired of the insanity, and many are choosing to take their dollars elsewhere. This new gender ideology is driven by a fringe faction of the secular left that is focused on societal revolution and the destruction of the traditional family. 

The Christian perspective of God’s Creation must be destroyed if their strategy is to succeed. 

Jeremiah 1:5 says God knew us before we were born. Psalms 139:13 says that God knitted us together in my Mother’s womb. Genesis reveals that we are created in His likeness.


God also made male and female. This is TRUTH.

It is unalienable and objective.

Culture has prominently featured celebrities, athletes, and even politicians who have chosen to change their gender. The athletic field, where biological females compete against transgender females (originally biological males), has emerged as a major battleground for this controversial issue.

Egard Watch Company, a luxury timepiece maker in Florida ran their own ad against this type of athletic inequality. Girls who have trained most of their lives are being passed up by biological males who are transgender females completely destroying and wiping out the work they have done and the moments they have trained hard for. 

Is it fair? No. 

Is it right? No

Is it central to our American values found in the Declaration of Independence? No.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This war is being waged directly with the Creator Himself over assigned biological gender. If you are trying to figure out what is going on in our country over this issue, you are not alone - many find themselves confused and frustrated. 

When you read the words of the Declaration of Independence, our Founders made it clear that everyone was “created”, and that they were “endowed by their Creator…”

This is the same Creator who assigned them a gender as part of His plan and His purpose for their life. The same Creator had a divine blueprint for order in government, society, family, marriage, men, and women. It was a designed order so that we could live with clarity, organization, and impact. Our rights and freedoms ultimately come from our Creator. 

The confusion that is raging has been an intentional, initiated attack on the Creator Himself, our American values, freedoms, government, and assigned genders.


The Slippery Slope

Make no mistake about it, this is a slippery slope that can and will result in losing freedoms from a group of people dictating who we are, what we are, and where we can go

That same group is inventing and helping confused people identify with a gender that is not even scientific in nature. 

However, if you do not submit and even celebrate this radical ideology then you must be punished. 

If you think this will be a crazy fad and normalcy will return then you will be grieved to find in the not-too-distant future that you will be classed as hateful, bigoted, and dangerous to society. 

This is the time to express your rejection of this ideology else you will soon lose that freedom to express anything.

Matt Walsh created a highly controversial documentary entitled “What is a Woman”. In it, he interviews medical professionals who share how damaging and downright brutal this gender movement has become. 

People are cutting off and mutilating body parts while messing with hormones in a way that is catastrophically damaging in order to support an evil movement. Children are being chemically castrated with serious physical and emotional damage that will last a lifetime. 

His documentary has been banned on certain social platforms because it provides scientific evidence that what is happening is not about Freedom or even pursuing the values our Founders intended when they wrote, “…Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Recently Walsh spoke to a group at the University of Iowa. In a follow-up article in the Ioway City Press-Citizen, reporter Paris Barraza wrote,

 Walsh claimed transgender people cannot ‘defend the logic of trans ideology’ and said they’ve ‘embarked on a campaign to restructure all of human society’ around their demands. 

Barraza goes on to write, “Walsh discussed ‘gender ideology,’ a term the Human Rights Watch calls undefinable but ‘dangerous,’ often used to ‘curtail’ sexual and reproductive rights as well as LGBTQ equality by ‘playing on people’s fear of social change and claiming a global conspiracy of great influence and scale.’

Walsh said gender ideology is the rejection of truth and those who are fighting against the ideology are seen by the left and transgender activists as a danger. 

‘I truly see the fight against gender ideology as the last stand for Western civilization,’ Walsh said. ‘Because if the sane side loses this, it’s over.’”

Walsh is not the only one who is standing up to call out the transgender agenda. Promise Keepers, an evangelical movement to help encourage men to live godly lives, was set to hold an event on Belmont University’s campus in Nashville, TN. Belmont is a 133-year-old Christian college. 

Once Promise Keepers published their statement on May 30 regarding Pride month and denouncing the dangerous gender ideology, Belmont University pulled the plug on hosting the event. 

In an email to faculty, staff, and students, Belmont leadership said,

 Yet as an ecumenical, Christ-centered institution we are also unequivocal in our belief in the value of each human being, and we are committed to engaging in constructive conversations that demonstrate kindness and seek understanding.

We all know that the left is focused on making an example of anyone who stands against them as narrow-minded, dangerous, and unloving. This simply is not true.

Like our Founders, we welcome conversation and mature debate.

What we struggle with is being forced to accept an ideology that is dangerous, misguided, forceful, and threatens our God-ordained freedoms. 

It is our right and duty as citizens to speak the truth and help return order. 

Should we love others who are different that us? Yes. 

However, should we support an evil ideology that could threaten our way of life? I don’t think so – not when Liberty, Justice, and Freedom are in the balance for us and our children’s children.


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