A Stress Test of Democracy?

A Stress Test of Democracy?

I saw an article this week about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that made me shake my head. Apparently, Biden and Trump have decided to bypass the nonpartisan commission that has organized debates for almost 40 years and added a second one on September 10th. It is quite interesting since tradition tells us that the parties must officially nominate their prospective presidential nominees in order to have debates.

There are requirements to participate, but RFK Jr is saying that these debates were designed to keep everyone else out. The shared fear both with democrats and republicans that RFK Jr. could spoil the election is real. The democrats were so concerned that they kicked him right out of the democratic party altogether forcing him to run as an independent.

RFK Jr. still has time to qualify but he needs to meet certain polling criteria in a number of states to do so.

The Associated Press published an article at the end of last year titled “American Democracy has Overcome Big Stress Tests Since the 2020 Election. More Challenges Ahead.” The opening sentence states that America is the world’s oldest democracy! I am hoping by now when you read things like this it forces you to clearly see how much the press is outright lying to those who are willing to listen and read.

The reality is that the rhetoric will not stop as journalists choose to misrepresent our country and refuse to accurately report what is happening. They are the cattle herders trying to coax the populace to a singe solution that they think is best.

I want to see a fair and balanced election process for all sides. What burns me is that RFK Jr. may not get my vote, but this is highly inappropriate to force him to jump through hoops that the organizers know full well are easy for the left and right. RFK Jr. has a name and possesses some ideas that will push the process forward. I would love nothing more than to see a solid debate with all three. With how polarized our country is, it would be a fresh welcomed take that our citizens would love to hear. Maybe that is the true “stress test” we need.

Isn’t that what our country is about? Freedom of speech, access to ideas, and a willingness to have solid discourse? The problem is that there is a four-letter word caught in the middle of all of this…and that is FEAR. Both sides are afraid of what would happen if they cannot manage and control RFK Jr’s message. Would it cause more people to wake up and consider other ideas? It might. I am all for an America that goes back to its core of small government, strong military, a fueled up and firing economy, and leaders who want to serve vs. be served.

Let us hope that CNN includes RFK Jr…because after all, what would it hurt? The sleeping giant might wake back up.




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